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Special Diet Hunger Let Not Easy

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Reading Always - Special Diet Hunger Let Not Easy, Hunger is not always a signal of energy our bodies need. Hunger often arise as a signal of that we need comfort, which to some people can be met from the diet. To people who was trying to lose weight, hunger becomes its own enemy because if the stomach was immediately filled with the urge to overeat even greater. To work around this, nutritionists from the Nutrition Department of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, Sp.GK (K) suggest to apply the high-protein diet.

"Just like fiber, protein also has a satiating effect because it has high Thermal effect that the use of energy to change the food we asup."

He explains, in the gastrointestinal tract, protein hormones will stimulate the increase and decrease hormone anoreksigenik roksigenik. "Hormones aneroksigenik make poor appetite."

In doing dissertation research, Fiastuti studied 60 obese women who were divided into three diet groups. The result, those who have a diet high in protein tend to be less hungry so that the intake of fewer calories.

"According to the nutritional adequacy rate, we should consume 15-20 percent of the total protein calories. For those who want to go on a diet could apply higher amounts of calories which is about 40 percent."

High-protein diets can be applied with high-protein mengasup milk, egg whites, or fish. "For simplicity, we eat more side dishes than carbohydrates."

Added by him, high-protein diet will be more effective if combined with fiber. "Do not forget to include vegetables and fruits in the diet," he said.

Even so, Fiastuti suggested that high-protein diet was implemented at one time meal, for example, at breakfast or when we will be late at the office. Thus we are not tempted to snack too much.
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