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First Aid When the phone Taxable Water

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First Aid When the phone Taxable Water, Reading Always - Water is indeed one of the main enemy for most electronic devices, including mobile phones. Extra cautious attitude sometimes is not enough especially in the rainy season it is today.

The result can vary, from the start there is a function that is damaged, until the death total. To avoid this, these first few steps you should do when the phone does get wet.

1. If the phone is turned on, immediately turn off the phone and do not let any longer.

2. Remove the battery and wipe the wet to dry. If possible, use an additional dryer like a hairdryer with the lowest energy and the distance is not too close.

3. If the water entering the mobile phone is quite severe, immediately off the casing and unloading a variety of components that lets, such as the sim card and an external memory, and dry can.

4. Put the phone in place with the warm temperatures of up to a few moments, for example under the lights. It would be better if the time added up to 1 or 2 days.

5. Some sources say, put your cell phone components in rice will help drying. This is possible because of the nature of the rice to absorb and bind water molecules.

These steps can you do when the phone is exposed to water splash or splashed shortly. Another story if your phone is submerged in water within a few minutes. Although there is still a likelihood of success, you still have to be ready if the phone can not be used again.
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