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6 Most Expensive Cheese in the World

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6 Most Expensive Cheese in the World - Cheese is one of the favorite food of all people. Not only because it can be processed so tasty and a selection of other foods, cheeses also contain various vitamins, protein, minerals, calcium, and fat. Surely the costs of cheese is not exactly affordable and a bit more costly than other foods. want to know what the most expensive cheese in our time, here's the order and the price.

6 Most Expensive Cheese in the World

A. Cheese Ass (Donkey) Cheese
The first position is the cheese Ass (Donkey) Cheese. The cheese is produced in the region Zasavica Nature Reserve, along the river Zasavica. One kilogram alone takes 25 liters of milk. This makes the Ass (Donkey) Cheese is the first in our many years's most costly cheese. Unfortunately, what the true value of cheese is not discussed.

2. Cheese Caciocavallo Podolico
Cheese which was ranked second most big in the Southern region of Italy. Horse familiar with be called by the name Cheese. Estimated cost of 650 pounds (Rp9, 1 million).

3. Golden cheese
Gold cheese from England, not yellow like gold, but actually contain gold. Tilton cheese Clawson Stilton cheese is made from premium quality white and mixed directly with edible gold leaf. the true value of nine hundred thousand to 1 slice of cheese at one hundred grams and Rp8, 708 million per kilo.

4. Moose cheese
Cheese can be found in the Moose Mouse House, the Bjurholm, Sweden. Kawwasan has an area of ​​59 hectares. Here there are dairy farms and processing their own cheese. Moose cheese prices are estimated at five hundred pounds (Rp 7 million).

5. Bitto cheese
This cheese has a taste of Italy, made ​​from a mixture of cow's milk and goat's milk chocolate orbic Sweden, makes a very interesting flavor and delicious. Estimated to cost 55 pounds (Rp770 thousand).

6. Cheese Gorau Glau
Position-5 there is a cheese made ​​from Dwyran Margaret Davies, Anglessy in the UK. His reputation is quite well known because is one cheese that has a high price in the UK. It costs about 40 pounds (Rp560 thousand).
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