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UN forces Origin Pakistan convicted Prison in Haiti

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Two members of the peacekeeping forces of the United Nations (UN) from Pakistan was sentenced to one year in prison and dismissed from the military. They proved to raping a boy aged 14 years in Haiti. Both men were sentenced to jail in Pakistan's military court in Haiti. They will be serving a prison sentence was repatriated to Pakistan.

Assault and rape that occurred in January in Gonaives. Such events is not the first time this has happened. Last year, five soldiers are also accused Uruguay of sexual assault against a teenage boy at the UN base there. The attack was captured on a video and uploaded to the internet. Video footage that sparked outrage and massive protests in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

The protesters are angry with the United Nations expelled out of Haiti. They demanded that the UN soldiers no longer have legal immunity and could be tried in court in the land. The trial against two UN soldiers from Pakistan this is the first time this has happened, the perpetrators brought to justice while still in Haiti.

According to Justice Minister Michel Brunache Haiti, it is a small step of progress. However, the Haitian government still wants more, both the UN and the Government of Pakistan.

UN forces deployed in Haiti since 2004. Their reputation was destroyed after an outbreak of cholera that hit Haiti in 2010, which allegedly caused the waste stream camp housing peacekeepers from Nepal.
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