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So Happy Together Slim Diet

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Reading Health dayThe right foods is not only healthy, but also the basis for mental health., It was common knowledge that foods high in fat, sugar and processed foods are one of the precipitating factors of obesity. Not only that, the wrong diet will also provide psychological distress. So Happy Together Slim Diet

 The diet guide book titled 'Happiness Diet', author of Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist at Columbia University and Tyler Graham believes, everything you eat can affect a person's mood. In principle, the right food is the basis for good mental health. They said the levels of obesity and depression has doubled in the last decade.

Both believe in the American standard diet (SAD) is the cause. "Your brain is formed from food, and proper food is the foundation of good mental health, 'they said as quoted by the Daily Mail. Lose weight by simply cutting fat and calories, according to them, only ended in failure if not reinforced with food for improve mood , which triggers the feeling of happiness such as magnesium, vitamin B12 and conjugated linoleic acid.

Without these ingredients in the diet, a person tends to be difficult to feel satisfied that he could not reach the target weight loss. Conversely, a diet rich in healthy fats, like olive oil , grains, vegetables, and meat quality can provide mental health as well as streamline the waist size.

The reason, the feeling of happiness to make an effort to lose weight more easily. To Today Health, Dr. Ramsey says, "Focus to acquire a lean body by eating a diet low in fat , low-calorie, failed to do most of the people, "he said. He added, "Brain eat what you eat. You can not do the best when the brain starved. "

They also argue that good food is expensive. "The biggest myth is that healthy foods were expensive. You can eat healthy foods from affordable materials without damaging the budget, "he said. But Graham warned, there is no harm in investing in healthy foods such as organic food is more expensive. In the centuries past, people spend the budget in food than in modern times, because they have different priorities. "What is more important, have the luxury goods or give your brain the nutrients it needs?."
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