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Indonesia Market Potential Mobile Web Best

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Reading Internet Indonesia was in the top position with the growth of mobile Internet access, of 160 percent compared to the year 2009. The rate was one of the results of a study of mobile Internet usage habits is Yahoo! Net Index 2011Indonesia Market Potential Mobile Web Best

Driving the growth of mobile Internet, according to Yahoo!, is theyounger generation of men (15-24 years) who have access to the device at a price below U.S. $ 200, but featured internet.

Currently, Indonesia has a market potential because it has amonthly cost of mobile Internet is the lowest, averaging U.S. $ 12.5. This position was followed by the Philippines (U.S. $ 13.1),Malaysia (U.S. $ 15), and Vietnam (U.S. $ 24).

"With only 8 percent of the population in Indonesia using
Mobile Internet (20 million), there is great potential that has not been touched by Yahoo!. "

Findings from research Yahoo! Net Index 2011 also states that inIndonesia, the mobile device is the most common devices usedto access social networking. This was followed by the function ofemail / instant messaging and search.

Currently, Yahoo! is still the most visited site on mobile phonesand its online properties ranks first in the email, messenger, photos, news, and travel.

The dominance of Nokia and IM3

Yahoo! Research Net Index 2011 shows that Nokia (46 percent)is the dominant brand in mobile Internet access, followed by BlackBerry (10 percent), and Nexian (9 percent).

Infrastructure development is expected to increase the number of users of mobile Internet and promotion of data packets is moreinteresting. Price data packets will decrease in line with the increasing economies of scale for operators.

Currently, the IM3 remains a provider of mobile services and the most popular smartphone for those who access the Internet viamobile devices, this position is followed by Sympathy, XL, Three,and As.
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