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Organs Vital shrink with age

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Reading Always, Organs Vital  shrink with age. increasing age we are dwindling as well our organs. Why such things happen? For that Reading Always wanted to share this health article for your readers of the article online in Reading Always.
Below you can understand why the older our vital organs shrink?

Upon reaching adulthood, all components of the body can not grow anymore, actually decreased due to aging. In addition to height, body organs also shortened, including vital organs.

Male sexual organ shorten with age for two reasons. First, the fat layer (plaque) is deposited in small arteries in the penis so that impede blood flow.

Poor circulation causes atrophy (atrophy) in the penile tissue that relaxes muscles and vital organs causing this loss of thickness and length. Besides collagen gradually loses its elasticity, whereas fibrous layer is a very important role in the occurrence of an erection.

"If at age 30 a man's penis size when erect to 15 cm, then at the age of 60-70 years may be the size of his penis when erect is only a 12.7 cm," says Dr.Irwin Goldstein, director of sexual health from Alvarado Hospital, San Diego, USA.

He added, at the age of about 40 years, the testes will also shrink to the diameter of one centimeter from the time he was 30.

In women, the sexual organ changes that occur associated with reduced levels of estrogen during menopause so that blood flow to sex organs is reduced. Uterine size is also reduced, so the size is the same as when the pre-teen age. This happens because the body that regulate the organ is no longer active so that other resources can be used for other organs that are still active.

Reduced estrogen levels also mean mammary glands and mammary glands become inactive and is replaced by fat. As a result of breast also lose their elasticity. Natural tear on the fibers that support skin and ligaments will also make more visible sagging breasts.

Age increases are inevitable, but that does not mean we can not do anything to keep up appearances.

For men, a healthy diet low in fat and highly recommended for a healthy heart and a good sex life. This healthy diet will ensure all work fine blood vessels so that blood circulation becomes smooth.

In women, there are several things you can do to improve breast shape, such as muscle toning exercises or wear the top of the breast that can support it well.

Sexual intercourse is done regularly can also slow down the depreciation of the vital organs. "Frequent sex will expedite the circulation of blood and oxygen supply to the sexual organs," says Graham Jackson, consultant cardiologist from London.
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