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5 Benefits of Play for Children

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Reading Always update today about 5 Benefits of Play for Children. Often we see several small children banned from playing by his parents, because his son did not want to hurt. But that is not good for his future children will grow up. Why, so ..! Always Reading, will try to give 5 benefits of play for children.

Here is an article from Reading Always:

Do not dismiss a child's play activity. It seems indeed that activity only pastime, but when your child playing house or stacking blocks, they are building crucial life skills. Another benefit is the brain prepares them for future challenges it will face.

Unfortunately, child development experts say, at this time a children's playground on the wane. Therefore, we present five scientific evidence of the benefits of playing for your baby. Hopefully after that you are eager to spend time playing with them.

1. Behave better
According to the 2009 study published in the journal Pediatrics, children behave better in class when they have more time to play in the park. The scientists measured the appraisal of teachers on student behavior in school aged 8-9 years. The behavior was compared between children who were given time off and not.

Children who have a 15-minute breaks in between lessons have a better behavior during class. Unfortunately, more than 10,000 children in this study only had a gap of less than 15 minutes each day.

2. Working in teams
Play also teaches children empathy. By playing in a group of children will learn to consider others' feelings. Play activities also make a child learn to regulate their emotions, a skill that really help her deal with future problems.

3. Many of the moves
Heart Disease Association of America recommends that children aged over two years to do physical activity they like at least an hour every day. Scientific evidence also suggests an active child will grow into adults who are active and love sports.

4. Enhance learning
A study in 2009, published in the Journal of School Health found the better results of tests of physical activity of children, the better the ability of their academic tests. Although impressed playful but from various games that do in fact children can learn many things, such as math and language skills.

5. Jolly
Play is child's world. The excitement of game activity has been investigated by research groups in poor neighborhood schools that many children who drop out of school. They teach the children various games in the playground. The result is known the children feel more secure and independent after the play. Like the adults who took a break to release the pressure, the kids also.
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