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Reading Always You've never listened to the green-blooded man, I also belom ever. But when sayamembaca one article of my book about the man bled to know. Who the bloody hell man hiaju and why blood is green and not red.
Let's look at my article once about a green-blooded man, semoha your knowledge to grow.

Everyone knows that human blood is red. Not only human blood but most of the blood of most other living things were red. Want to rich people, poor people are all blood red. Then, what if there is a green-blooded creature on earth? Are they descendants of aliens? What if you're rual house, prospective buyers you say that he was bleeding like a character from Mr Green. Spock in Star Trek? Surely you will laugh first khan.

But it turns out that there is a green-blooded man and it turns out there are also several types of green-blooded animals such as frog species from Cambodia and insects. Green blood of these animals because the blood does not work because it does not require oxygen carrying hemoglobin. Green color of blood in the medical world can indeed occur and in the medical world was known as sulfhemoglobinaemia (SulfHb) which is derived the color of hemoglobin and difficult to return to normal.
Green-blooded man was found in June 2007 by a team physician Dr. anesthesia. Stephan Schwarz, Dr. And Dr. Giuseppe Del Vicario. Flexman Alana in Canada. At that time the doctors in the team is currently conducting operations in St. Vancouver hospital. Paul on a 42-year-old man who entered the hospital because of a fall. The doctors are very surprised when the first incision at the feet of the patient, who issued his blood is the blood that dark green instead of red like a normal human.
The doctors conducted a search into the patient's medical history and findings stated that the patient was often consumed in large doses the drug sumatriptan or 200 milligrams per day to treat the patient's migraine headaches. The drugs sumatriptan is included in the class sulfonamides (sulfur), a drug that contains sulfur compounds. Because the content of these sulfur compounds that cause a rare condition called sulfhaemoglobinaemia, the sulfur present in the body combine with oxygen carrying hemoglobin compounds in red blood cells.
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