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Salmonella The Deadly Infections

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Reading AlwaysWant a little sharing with all my friends, maybe you all do not know about this infectious disease is not. Salmonella infectious disease that is very dangerous for our lives, why ..?

You must really wonder why this disease is very dangerous for us is not, ok I'll explain it in my blog I hope you can read it properly.

Every day, we must consume food that keeps the body fit and healthy, such as food carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. Food is very important to condition your body strong. Not only food, most of us would also have pets and pets such as dogs, cats, turtles, lizards or snakes, which we think is very important in our lives. However, we never know that the food we eat or drink that has been contaminated by bacteria Salmonellosis. Not only that, we also do not know if we actually pelirahaan animals carry the bacteria Salmonellosis, which is extremely harmful to humans.

Salmonellosis is a bacterial infectious bacteria with extraordinary speed, and can exacerbate the very fast time. Salmonella infection, Salmonellosis is caused by bacteria, can cause extreme dehydration and death. Salmonellosis is spread to people by eating the Salmonella bacteria that contaminate and pollute the food. Salmonella exist worldwide and can contaminate almost any type of food. But the source of a recent illness involving foods such as raw eggs, raw meat, fresh vegetables, cereal, and contaminated water.
Pollution and the spread of infection and Salmonella bacteria can come from animal or human fecal material related to food during processing or harvesting. From the results available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the FDA, the direct sources of Salmonella are potentially pets such as turtles, dogs, cats, most farm animals, and humans are infected. According to studies around the world, experts suggest the sources of food, water, or other sources of pollution contain large amounts of bacteria. Although humans can reduce gastric acid, drain slightly and kill Salmonella infection, there are still some bacteria can escape into the colon or small intestine, and then attach to and penetrate cells in the human body.

Toxins produced by bacteria can damage and kill cells that line the intestines, resulting in intestinal fluid loss (diarrhea). Some Salmonella can survive in the cells of the immune system and can reach the bloodstream, causing blood infections (bacteremia). Not only that, when Salmonella infection has entered the bloodstream and reach, will result in heat, vomiting and abdominal pain is extreme. Usually, infected by Salmonella infection is the babies, childhood, old age and people who have very weak immune system. Immune system is the system, including the thymus and bone marrow and lymphoid tissues, which preserve and protect the human body from infection and foreign bacteria to produce a strong immune response. However, people who have immune system very weak, not strong to resist infection or bacteria enter the body. Infants and children are the earliest stages of growth, and since this time that a baby's immune system is still too young and not too strong to fight infections and harmful bacteria such as Salmonella infection. Meanwhile, people who are old enough have reached the final stages of growth, and since this time that an old immune system was too weak and not strong enough to resist the bacteria Salmonella is extremely harmful to human.
Not all bacteria or infections transmitted each other. Bacteria transmitted each with 3 ways to touch, is flying in the air, and food or beverages that we consume every day. Salmonellosis is a bacterial infectious bacteria in all the way with incredible speed. From the research, the experts stated that the bacteria Salmonellosis is a bacterial easily removed but when our bodies are given antibiotics, the bacteria can be added Salmonellosis active and make the process of transmission is faster than usual. Effects of bacterial attack Salmonellosis is also very dangerous if left untreated or treated because it can destroy the immune system with fatal. Salmonellosis is a bacterial infectious bacteria by touching. Examples are our pets or reptiles such as snakes and lizards. When we touch the animals that carry the bacteria, the bacteria will be concerned and stuck to the skin and hair over time, can enter into our bodies. Salmonellosis bacteria are also spread very quickly through the air. When our bodies are infected by Salmonella infection, we will experience severe flu. With flu, the air that surrounds us is contaminated by bacteria Salmonellosis, which could result in transmission speeds. Not only by air and touching, Salmonellosis bacteria are transmitted to each other by way of food or beverages. If our food and beverage contaminated by bacteria, we will get a Salmonella infection by eating or drinking.
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