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Tips Reducing Injury When Sports

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Reading Always - You often must exercise frequently injured of course. Articles may reduce injuries during exercise tips you can apply in your workout, so you are in sports injuries is reduced. However, not just any exercise undertaken. Excessive exercise can actually cause injury.

Here are tips you can apply before you exercise :

 Always warm up
5-10 minutes warming up before exercise will make blood flow more smoothly and increase the temperature of the muscles so that we can breathe more quickly. It will also help the body adapt to every move made.

Because our bodies do not move now if we want to do the activity or exercise then our bodies will feel stiff, so you should warm up the body first.

The program is progressive
Know your current fitness level and do the appropriate program. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your program. It is recommended to increase the duration of no more than 10-15 percent per week. 

Avoiding the weekend syndromeBusyness is often robs us of time until there was no time left to exercise on weekdays. Instead, we usually do sports on weekends. However, because they want to burn more calories, exercise done to excess so that sometimes cause injury.

Moderate intensity exercise performed every day is healthier and more at risk of experiencing an injury as compared with exercise extra hard to do once on the weekend.

Do not exercise when ill 
Do not exercise if you feel it. When you exercise after recovering from illness or injury, start slowly and gradually.

Because our bodies have not been able to do sports activities when our bodies are just recovering from our illnesses. Because the cells you are still vulnerable and has not be able to move at a maximum.

Inadequate fluid needs
Water consumption during exercise so the body is not dehydrated and exhausted, especially when performed in outdoor sports.

Because the fluid is very useful for our body, as blood running it blood throughout our bodies. So we do not really have the power shortage during exercise, but when utbuh exercise is very severe then the fluid in our body we must maintain, if not then we can pass out.

Wear comfortable clothing
Choose clothing that absorbs sweat and loose. For women, wear a supportive bra for exercising.

No less important, remember to cool down after you complete the exercise. Strenuous exercise can cause your muscles tighten, and this condition is more susceptible to injury. Make sure you stretch in a regular exercise program to maintain the flexibility of the muscles.
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