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Do not Give Milk When Children Fever

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Fever in children is very common. When the fever, the child's appetite weakened, while the immunity they need to be improved. How do tricks. Children tend to lose appetite fever, because the taste in the mouth caused by medication he was taking. Here are some ideas for meals you provided when the child has a fever.

wheat porridge

A bowl of wheat porridge to give all the nutritional needs of children and is a healthy source of carbohydrates. Wheat can be a delicious snack if Mom clever cook. You can cook oatmeal with strawberry juice or the juice of corn that has been blended in order to give more oatmeal tastes.

Chicken or vegetable berkaldu

Healthy meals for your children when they are unwell should be such that children do not bother reaching appetite.
Berkaldu soup is a liquid nutrition to meet the child. Plus the kids easier to chew. Give them the original broth.

Boil all the vegetables, put into boiling chicken broth that has been given a bit of pepper and butter.

spinach soup

Spinach is rich in vitamins and and very filling. Boil spinach leaves with a little salt, pepper, and butter. Do not cook too long, just five minutes so the vegetables do not wilt.

Avoid milk

Many mothers who give children milk when the fever. Instead, save it to consume milk after he improved from a fever. Because the milk difficult to digest. Meanwhile, during a fever, the digestive system work more weakly. If not strong, the child will be sick and even vomit.
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2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

So that's what my mother means when she told me about no giving milk to my kids when they have fever.
nurofen for children

Kevin Tok said...

thank you for giving me a comment on this article.
Yes, you are correct when parents tell us not to give milk when we are cold.!

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