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3 Condition Emotional Trigger Obesity

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Reading Always3 Condition Emotional Trigger Obesity, There are many causes of obesity. If you are struggling to lose weight does not work, there may be other factors that contribute for your condition.

Without realizing it, emotions can lead to weight gain problem. Here are some emotional issues that can lead to obesity, as reported by about.com.

While under stress, for most people, any food will taste good. Some people also use food as the best way to soothe their emotions. Indeed, the motional eating (binge eating due to emotions) does not always lead to weight gain problem for everyone, but this would lead to obesity problems for some people.

Proven in a study found that stress triggers overeating and prevent patients, particularly women, to adopt healthy habits. Other research shows that overeating becomes a mechanism for a person to cope with stress.

Avoiding stress is very difficult. However, relaxation techniques can be a healthy alternative to manage emotions during times of stress. A study showed that relaxation training in obese women to help them achieve weight loss success.

The relationship between depression and obesity is still unclear. However, several studies have shown that depression is a cause of obesity.

Some antidepressants are often prescribed by a doctor that can cause weight gain. The researchers also noted that lack of sleep, which is a common symptom of depression, can also be a risk factor for obesity. In fact, the lack of movement such as supine exercise also triggers weight gain.

Personal Trauma
Several studies have shown that people who experience physical violence, sexual harassment or bullying are at highest risk for obesity. Therefore, efforts are required to overcome the psychological trauma in order to prevent obesity, especially in children.
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