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Reduce Stress with Gossiping

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Although gossip is not a good habit but not a few who think gossip as being fun. In fact, recent studies mentioned in the gossip can reduce stress and prevent others from being played.

That is the conclusion of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, who conducted four trials involving thousands of participants.
"Gossip does have a bad reputation, but we found evidence that gossip plays an important role in maintaining social functioning," said one researcher, the social psychologist Robb Willer.

Willer found a kind of gossip can be therapeutic. When the study participants to see other people misbehavior, their heart rate increases. But the increase was only in the scale is if they tell others what they see.

"Disseminating information about other people they see behaving badly it makes someone feel better, and reduce the frustration that drives them to gossip," said Willer.

Not only that, the researchers also found that study participants were also willing to spend extra effort to tell others who try to cheat in an economic simulation game. In this case means preventing others from gossiping hurt by people who were cheating.

"We do not have to feel guilty if the rumors are we aiming to prevent others from being played," said Matthew Feinerg, lead researcher.
The study of the habits of gossip in 2009 found that about 80 percent of the content of our conversation is gossip. In a study involving 300 people was also found that about 5 percent of the gossip is harmful.
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