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Indonesia on Twitter So highlights

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Twitter users in Indonesia very much. Not just many, Twitter users Indonesia too fussy. Indonesia on Twitter So highlightsThat fact to be highlighted in the seminar "Healthy and Safe Internet" held by Asia Internet Coallition (AIC) and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at the Pullman Hotel.

"Usually people getting out of bed instead of reading the prayer of getting out of bed, but immediately saw the phone, is there a mention for her," said Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring.

Tifatul was seen, due to restrictions, how to write in Twitter was so diverse. According to him, so writing the correct spelling is not appropriate and was impressed enough to be shortened to one chirp (tweet).

"In fact I have seen some Twitter users in using the language of Twitter alay. It is only in Indonesia," said the owner of this account @ tifsembiring.

Tifatul said it would not make specific prohibitions for Twitter. Only, he asked Twitter users to not violate the Law of Information and Electronic Transactions.


ICT Watch Executive Director, Donny Budhi Utoyo, explained, Indonesia has a unique character in the use of Twitter this media.

Although still less than the number of Facebook users, but the number of booms (tweet), instead of Twitter users Indonesia became number one in Asia.

"Hence, there is a term Indonesia is the nation's most talkative on Twitter," said Donny.

Citing sources Semiocast.com and AworldofTweet.com in February 2012, Donny said, the number of Twitter users in Indonesia by 19.5 million people.

The fifth number of the world after the United States (about 107 million users), Brazil (about 33 million users), Japan (29 million users), and the UK (24 million users).

Under Indonesia, India with 13 million users, Mexico's 11 million users, the Philippines 8 million users, Spain 8 million users, and Canada 7 million users.

12 percent

In terms of singing, Indonesia is a country that wrote the chirp (tweet) the third largest in the world, reaching about 12 percent of the total number of tweets around the world.

The first position is held by the U.S. population by 27 percent and followed by Brazil with 24 percent. Under Indonesia, there is England by 6 percent and 4 percent of the Netherlands.

However, when viewed from the scope of Asia, in Indonesia mengontribusikan Twitter users around 54.6 percent of the total number of tweets in Asia.

Then followed by Japan 14.6 percent, Malaysia 8.67 percent, 4.43 percent of South Korea, and Thailand 4.01 percent.
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