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Pizza James Bond Worth USD 37 Million

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Reading AlwaysPizza has become popular worldwide food among various limitations, regardless of age. Nevertheless, pizza is probably only one among the rich who can enjoy it. Pizza Pizza is James Bond from the Italian, who touted as the world's most expensive pizza. Coke can?

Could have been, because the chef Domenico Crolla Sir that a leading Italian restaurant chefs create "Pizza Royale 007" made ​​from a combination of expensive food world.

Why not, pizza is 12 inches wide at its sprinkled with various toppings the best raw materials available in the world, such as lobster soaked in cognac (a type of wine), Remy Martin Louis XII at Rp 20 million, caviar (fish eggs) and soaked in champagne, sunblush tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison medal, prosciutto (ham), and vinegar balsamik antiques.

All the toppings make pizza Pizza Royale 007 is not arbitrary. Pizza Crolla made ​​this works because of the history of carving hailed as the world's most expensive pizza. Topingnya the various kinds of food sprinkled with expensive make Pizza Pizza is worth mentioning the most expensive.
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