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Rua do Cunha Macao Culinary Paradise

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Reading Always - Located in the town of Old Taipa Island, Rua do Cunha is essentially Macao. Physically, this place is small, but very commercial and attractive for tourists. Had a fascination with the colorful colonial architecture and warm hospitality will local residents.

Rua do Cunha in many places can you flown to enjoy a variety of foods, from snacks, from meat to the pudding, as quoted from CNNgo.

Rua do Cunha 46-50: Koi Kei
In this way many shops serving of cake, candy, preserved fruits and jerky. Koi Kei, one of which is a traditional Chinese bread containing almond with a dry dough. Usually visitors to take these foods while still hot. This type of egg tart cake that comes from the Portuguese.

Rua do Cunha 20: "O Santos" Comida Portuguesa
These are all small restaurant with a dish of Portuguese. Menu is served grilled meat and grilled seafood. People usually reserve a seat before eating at this restaurant.

Rua do Cunha 17: ginger candy
There is no special name of this place, it is simply called Ginger Candy. Ginger candy is handmade from fresh ginger. It was always adjusted to the season. If the winter, made ​​pendas order to warm the body, if the cold made ​​it sweet.

Rua do Cunha 14: Pastelaria Fong Kei
Fong cake shop that provides cakes with pork and lard. There are also pork almond cake.

Rua do Cunha 9A: Mok Yee Kei
Here are a variety of puddings and ice cream flavors of fruit, but the most popular is the taste of durian. For eight decades, this shop has perfected the recipe durian for dessert.
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