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Damascus Gate The World's Largest Restaurant

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Reading AlwaysDamascus Gate is the largest restaurant in the world, has 6014 seats located on the outskirts of Damascus, Sryia. Because of Guinness World Records as the largest restaurant menobatkannya world.

The restaurant has a dining area 54 000 m2, 2,500 m2 with the involvement of at least 1800 kitchen staff and waiters at the time of 'peak operation'. The restaurant is able to present the 5000 servings per table.

Damascus Gate is also known as Bawabet Dimashq was first opened in 2002. The restaurant is designed built and owned by Muhannad Samman family with a cost of 40 million dollars.

There are six parts of the culinary theme is the main attraction of this restaurant is a culinary Indian, Chinese, Arab, Iranian, Middle Eastern cuisine and of course Syria as hosts.

In addition to having a closed room, this restaurant also has an open area, each equipped with facilities and features are very modern. Garden fountains, waterfalls and even miniature replicas of archaeological ruins in Syria adorn this restaurant.

In each menu, Damascus Gate does not provide any alcohol. Any one chef could handle about 30 servings each day with the taste of exceptional cuisine.
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