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Entertainment devices Mysterious Google Revealed

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Entertainment devices Mysterious Google Revealed, Reading Always A few days ago, Google is reportedly testing the device in the home of the mysterious entertainment staff. Currently, the latest news reveals that the device under test Google is a home entertainment system with wireless music streaming.

Google has made inroads into technology in the living room with initiatives such as Google TV, but the device currently being tested it will mark the first time the search engine giant that develops and sells products under its own name.

Google's registration file at the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) noted that the trials were conducted for the purpose, "Knowing the throughput (average successful delivery of messages through the communication network) and the stability of the home WiFi network using an entertainment device."

Mysterious entertainment device is the result of many years of work Google Android team, which should not be so surprising. Given the recent movies and music have been introduced to the Android Market, it is only natural that when the device is still a question mark is capable of reaching all the content.

The source of the Wall Street Journal acknowledges that, as they noted that Google's Mystery Box could stream content other than music.

Biggest question mark is present, whether entertainment box from Google that will actually landed in our living room? The source of the Wall Street Journal seems to confirm that the device is not just an empty word, and will slide around this year.
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