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Google Set Drive as the Online Hard drive

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Reading Always - Google does not want to be left to jazz-based data storage service cloud computing (cloud computing). The search engine giant is reportedly going to provide online storage service called Drive.

This news comes from the daily Wall Street Journal, which get information from reliable sources. As the owner of the Android operating system, Google would respond to the needs of mobile device users who want to store data online.

Drive will allow users to upload documents, photos, and video to Google's servers. The data can also be shared to others if the owner permits.
Google Set Drive as the Online Hard drive

As cloud computing services in general, the Drive can be used free of charge. However, if someone wants to get more data storage capacity is large, then there is an additional fee.

Daily Wall Street Journal reported, Drive will be released in the next few months.

Drive can be a strong opponent for a long time player in cloud computing services, such as Dropbox. The reason Google could integrate with Google services drives the other, such as Google Music or YouTube.

Moreover, Google already has a data processing service Google Docs web-based office.
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