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Olympus SP-629UZ Zoom Rely on High Level

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Reading Always, Olympus SP-629UZ Zoom Rely on High Level. Competition in the camera industry seems to be increasingly fierce. Olympus has recently been reported that products made ​​by new camera, Olympus SP-620UZ will be released in Japan on February 17.

As reported by Ubergizmodo, in a press release, Olympus will come with a high zoom lens that supports long-distance shooting or shooting wide range.

Olympus SP-629UZ Zoom Rely on High Level

With a focal length of 25mm wide-angle to 525mm, the camera can photograph distant objects looted (Telephoto). Made with the new Olympus camera brings high-powered super-telephoto in physical form and weight are great, so the user must provide a wide spot in the trunk of the car as well when taken away.

Olympus SP-620UZ has a 21x zoom capability of up to super-telephoto optics, with the specification 16 MP, Dual IS to generate image stabilization and high sensitivity, 3 inch LCD screen, video recording and 1280 x 720p HD Movie (supports MPEG-4 AVC / H .264).

Other features include owned this camera, Shadow Adjustment Technology to detect faces and optimizes focus, other than that there are features iAUTO to analyze the composition and optimize the camera settings and AF Illuminator to facilitate the focus lens in a dark field.

It seems the developers are very concerned about the practicality of the energy charging the battery, so the Olympus SP-620UZ can be kept alive using AA batteries. Camera support for this type of memory card slot, such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, and Eye-Fi.

Not yet known when the camera Olympus SP-620UZ will be present in ground water, but the camera is predicted to be released for the Asian market, especially in Indonesia in February or March at a price of 179.99 pounds or approximately Rp2, 5 million.
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