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7 Sleep Disorders that is worth Caution

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7 Sleep Disorders that is worth Caution
Reading - Always, Sleep is an important activity for humans. If our lack of sleep or sleep disorders, the days seem to be slower and less enthusiastic.

According to research, almost all men had experienced trouble sleeping. One in three people who reported having trouble sleeping and one of nine people with sleep problems are very serious. Here are some sleep disorders that may be present is happening, as reported by Healthmeup.

Sleep disorders are becoming more popular among the people, and transitional and primary. In general, transient insomnia caused by stress due to the many activities. However, when stress can be overcome, this sleep disorder will be lost. While the influence of primary insomnia in the long term and very difficult to treat. You can treat insomnia by altering a healthy lifestyle and maintain a psychological condition, so that its negative effects such as mood swings and decreased concentration, can be overcome.

Sleep Apnea
This sleep disorder characterized by difficulty in breathing during sleep. Apnea occurs when the airway is closed, so that air does not reach the lungs. As a result, the patient will feel tired easily sleep during the day. These conditions require special care in hospital.

PLM Movement Disorder (PLMD)
People with PLMD usually frequent spontaneous movements during sleep and did not realize what was happening with the disease. Alcohol and caffeine can aggravate these symptoms. This condition can also be treated with drugs used in treating Parkinson's disease.

Restless Legs Syndrome
Patients with this condition will always move his feet because he felt uncomfortable in the part, such as itching. Patients suffering from this condition has an intensity of different movements. As a result, many patients become insomnia and depression. Several pharmacological and pharmacological treatments can help the victim.

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that causes a person can sleep anywhere and in any condition, without signs of drowsiness beforehand. Narcolepsy patient usually feels sleepy during the day and held a nap for hours. This disorder is caused by a lack of hypocretin, a chemical in the brain that regulates sleep and wakefulness. The consumption of antidepressants, lifestyle changes and keep the psychological conditions could help treat narcolepsy.

This condition is characterized by a deep sleep in the performance of common activities during wakefulness, such as walking, brushing teeth, or outside the home. In general, patients do not realize what they have done during sleep and is surprised when other people tell about their sleep habits. In addition to the biological, psychological processes, especially the dissociation (altered state of consciousness, in part or in whole) contribute to cause sleepwalking. These conditions require mennyeluruh diagnosis, laboratory testing, the test is perfect.

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder
People with this condition characterized by difficulty sleeping at night, making it difficult to get up early. This condition is considered normal if the experience from time to time, but if you have almost every morning, then there should be a cause for serious concern.
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