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5 Fake Apple Products Moving in China

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5 Fake Apple Products Moving in China
Reading Always - As China is known to be one of the largest sources of counterfeit goods. A variety of top brand, not the least Apple, the target of the local manufacturers to make fake.
Here are five products that claim false self as Apple made​​5 Fake Apple Products :

1. Apple Speakers
Glance this product looks like the work of Apple's. White bandage with bitten apple logo appears to be convincing. But believe me, the quality of sound produced is very standard and low quality.

2. iPhone 5
It's incredible the manufacturers of these false goods. Future products from Apple's smartphone, the iPhone 5, is now available in China. In fact, Apple itself is still secretive as what the iPhone 5 later.

3. Apple Store
Not only goods, store Apple also follow the plow. I do not know what is their current dibenak build this store. Parahnya again, this store looks very similar to the original Apple Store. Starting from model building, paint color, to a large Apple logo on the front of the store terpajang.

When it is less convincing, try to get inside. The employees who worked there using Apple logo blue shirt. Unimaginable how many people are fooled into the store.

4. fake website
This website is made ​​by a native Chinese online game company called Giant Network. Although glance similar, if thoughtful terpajang logo is slightly different. But not the apple bitten bitten pear. Very ridiculous.

5. Apple's shoes
Since when Apple sells shoes? There-there's just this one product. In addition to Chuck Taylor sneakers imitate the artificial Converse All Stars, the Apple logo was clearly visible off the shoes.

If you're a big fan of Apple, shoes with various color options are quite good for dikoleksi. Unfortunately, measurements are available only to women only.
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