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6 Beauty Products Trigger Health Problems

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6 Beauty Products Trigger Health Problems
Etwoonews.com - Currently cosmetics has become an important part in the lives of women. Unfortunately, many women who do not care about the ingredients in cosmetics that are safe to use or not. This should be done so that more women know the risks and effects of use of beauty products. Here are some beauty products that are very dangerous if used continuously, told through Boldsky.

Beauty soap
Incessant advertising of beauty products have an impact on the use of soap and beauty of women. Many women who leave a soap organic soap, beauty and prefer to get their white and soft. Unfortunately, most of the beauty soap has a high pH that can remove skin acid mantle. So that the skin is more susceptible to infection and a major cause of skin cancer.

Use of any makeup day
Cosmetic use every day, of course affects the body's organs such as liver, lungs and kidneys. The cause is a chemical commonly used are phthalates in cosmetic products as a solvent prosuden makeup and cosmetics more durable. The materials are also harmful to the skin because it can affect your vital organs.

Blush is one of the pillars of the women in her cheeks, so it looks more fresh and beautiful. In fact, the chemicals contained in the blush can affect levels of the hormone estrogen in the female body. Therefore, it can trigger the growth of mammary cells are not normal in a short period of time, resulting in a risk of breast cancer.

More recently, U.S. Food and Drug Administration found the lead content in some brands of lipstick. These chemicals can lead to disorders of the blood and brain.

Foundation or foundation to be a first stage to be used in the composition. In fact, the foundation is dangerous if it comes into direct contact with skin. In fact, asbestos in the foundation can cause tumors and breast cancer for women.

Make-up tools this is one of the pillars for women because it can cause long eyelashes and fine tuning. Unfortunately, mascara becomes a breeding ground for bacteria than a million liquid and stale. In addition, the mascara also contains polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) that could lead to cancer.
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