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4 Alerts the Body of Excess Salt Consumption

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Reading Always Sodium salt is a major source and becomes a very important element for health. Our bodies need it to help maintain body fluid balance, helps transmit nerve impulses and muscle contraction and relaxation processes.

However, consumption of excessive amounts of salt can be detrimental to health, which could lead to disruption of calcium balance and lead to high blood pressure, leading to the risk of heart disease.

According to nutritionists, the body needs 1000 mg of salt per day. Unfortunately, there are still many people who consume more than the dose. You may already know, if your body is deficient or excess salt, here are some signs the body of excess salt consumption, as reported by Boldsky.

Blood Pressure Up
Excessive salt intake increases the amount of sodium in the blood. This imbalance makes it difficult for the kidneys remove excess water from the body. Pressure on blood vessels and excess water in the body increases blood pressure. Blood pressure triggers the risk of heart disease, kidney failure or brain disorders if not controlled.

Easy Haus
When too much salt in the body, the body needs water to dilute the salt content in the blood. Generally, cells of the body to release stored water to dilute the salt from the blood. The cells need water to work and this is what causes you to feel more hungry after eating salt easily.

Lack of water in the body due to excessive salt causes bloating. Can withstand salt water on the body and can cause bloating. Consuming lots of water will help remove excess salt or sodium from the body.

Seldom urinating
The kidneys help to dilute the salt by slowing the production of urine and water conservation. You may feel a burning sensation after urination. This is mainly due to scarcity of water which causes the burning during urination.

If you encounter such signs above, you should reduce your intake of salt and immediately do a blood test for confirmation. Drink plenty of water daily and reduce salty foods. Switch to consume fresh vegetables and fruits are better.
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