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This is Project Future Google and Apple

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Reading Always - This is Project Future Google and AppleSecretly, Apple and Google's "compact" to make a future project with the same purpose. Compact here is of course not mean that they cooperate with each other. The project was undertaken independently in their respective companies.
Project "joint" has a goal to create computational tools that can be worn on the wrist.
Perhaps it never occurred previously when a computer can be used to large sized tablet or smart phone to the present era. However, in the future, both companies will make this giant computer devices become smaller, so more easily taken away. 
Apple and Google have each started the project since a year ago. Its main purpose is only one, that wants to sell more products smartphone.

Currently, Google is currently exploring the possibility that if a device is attached to clothing or body part we will send an information return to the Android smart phone.

To investigate this, Google has hired engineers from Nokia, Apple, and the university can make a computer device to be smaller than the size for this.

In line with Google, Apple has also started the project. One result is the iPod Nano was to be worn on the wrist.

Today, Apple wants to design the iPod made of glass that can be used in curved at the wrist. To be able to communicate, the device is equipped with features Siri, a sort of command to do something through sound.

Such devices are not yet occurred in the past. Today, smart phones are almost never abandoned by users, even during sleep. Such devices have replaced the alarm clock function in the present.

Senior researcher at the Palo Alto California, Michael Liebhold predict which technologies will be present in the future going to obscure the distance from the real world with the virtual world.

Ten years from now, people will wear glasses equipped with screens to enjoy the information. A concrete example which has been used for this is a contact lens to help people see without the glasses.

In the game world, children will not run around the park, but will only play in the virtual world, looking for points. So also with the world of teenagers who like fashion can try virtual clothes, before mass produced and can be used in practice.

But is it all going to happen? We shall see.
Source : NYTimes
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