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2012 IT Needs U.S. $ 2.7 Trillion

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Reading AlwaysIn 2012 IT Needs U.S. $ 2.7 TrillionThroughout the year 2011 the development of Information Technology (IT) development of colored tablets, popularity of cloud computing, the emergence ultrabook, cyber crime is increasingly diverse, up to IT workers who began directing his business on efficiency. Dynamics of IT is expected to continue in 2012. 

IT also affect the dynamics of the needs of IT spending. Citing data from Gartner survey, Dell's Director and Country Manager Indonesia, Pieter Lydian, said that next year the enterprise global IT spending will reach U.S. $ 2.7 trillion.

He continued that the users of business lines and organizations will be dominated by mobiledevices, cloud computing and social networks in emerging markets BRIC countries (Brazil, India, Russia and China).

Market countries are likely to rule half of the world IT needs. He also said that from the consumer side, the trend in the future will be filled by the Generation Y workforce to fill 48 percent of the world until 2020.

Gartner survey also predicts that next year, 50 percent of email users will access office email from a browser, tablet or smart phone device.

The company will divert 40 percent of its data from a server or regular storage to cloud computing. While 85 percent of the 500 leading companies will fail in anticipation of its data efficiency. But the company will become increasingly competitive in 2015.

While specific to Indonesia, Pieter optimistic growth in IT is good enough. "Growth will be high, live we see the absorption of the state budget and the development of European crisis," he said.

Dell in 2012, according to Pieter, will continue to develop a line of enterprise with a focus on service support and service that increasingly pamper users. He said the services provided are part of the user experience.
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