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10 Tips for Using Twitter With Good and True

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Reading Always - 10 Tips for Using Twitter With Good and True. Twitter is a microblogging site that serves as a social network. Twitter is useful for news updates, to know the latest things from something or someone that we want to follow everyday.
However, beyond that, Twitter can be an enemy for life.For example, an employee who was fired simply because of his tweet on Twitter. There were also cases of adverse phishing, also blocking of the government.

The following are tips to keep your Twitter account, in order to avoid abuse, viruses, spam, phishing, and also blocking.
1. Do not share personal information
Never share your e-mail address, home or work address, telephone number, and other information that reveals your privacy. In addition, if you feel you do not need it, do not activate geotagging feature on your Twitter tweet-tweet, so you will not be accompanied by the location where you do tweet.

2. Check the application that has been and will be used
Avoid web-based applications that require you enter your Twitter username and password. A good application will use Twitter OAuth and will not require you to enter your username and password.
In addition, regularly review the applications you use on Twitter through the pages of "Twitter | Settings | Application". Remove all applications that you think you will no longer use.

3. Changing passwords regularly
Bot (machine) is usually used auto hackers to gain access to your Twitter account. Use a password that is hard to guess and change your password regularly, eg every 4 to 6 minggui.

4. Short URL before the first peep at-click
Link website (short URL) is often used to hide the web address that is not safe. To click and visit websites that are not safe cause danger malware, phishing sites, and others.
If you use TweetDeck, enable the option "Show Preview Information for Short URL". If you are using Firefox, then use the add-on like Long URL Mobile Expander or DeTiny URL Expander. All these options help you find the content of links before you open a web page with a preview.

5. Beware of Direct Message (DM)
You may get links from people you know and have you believe, so you open the link. In fact, links from people you know are not necessarily safe.
It could be sent by a hacker who managed to send a link spam to the DM. How to keep your account is not open these links if you are not sure the link is safe.
Do not forget to check with the sender through a mention in order for you to make sure the link was sent by the owner of the account and guaranteed safe.

6. Separate personal account with a business account
If you create a Twitter account for personal purposes, you should change your settings into account the protected(protected). In the profile settings, you can check the option "Protect My Tweet". With this, you tweet can only be read by those you allow to follow you.
If you want to create an account to be read by the public, such as account for product promotion, anonymous accounts, or a corporate account, should this option is not selected.

7. Block and report spam
If you read a mention of twitter accounts that you do not know and its contents are not related to the tweet-tweet,you should immediately block the account.
If over the web, there are options to block the account immediately as spam without having to open the account in question. If the opening of the mobile application, usually you have to open your account profile are then able to click the option "block as spam".

8. Limitation in Twitter that must be obeyed
Twitter has certain restrictions on the use of your account. If you use excessive account, your account will be blocked temporarily because it is considered spam.
Therefore, ignore the offer of a promise you can have hundreds of followers in no time. You should also know that you can only to follow 2000 accounts, before it can increase the amount of "following", if the number of "followers" Your numbers are not balanced with that you follow.
In addition, you only have to send a maximum limit of 1000 tweets and 250 DM per day. Doing "unfollow" hundreds of accounts in a day can make your account is blocked temporarily.

9. Avoid Create Account "disguise"
We recommend that you use the account name is your real name, so others will not be able to use it for fraud. If you find a fake account on behalf of you, report it to Twitter by sending an email to impersonation@twitter.com .
Conversely, if your hobby to create an account disguised so as not to recognize other people, you should not use the name of a public figure so that your account is not suspended by Twitter.

10. Use antivirus and firewall
Finally, no miss calls safety tips for using antivirus and firewall. Both will further protect your account from spam or harmful viruses that may infiltrate through the link from the DM or short URLs.
Good for PCs and mobile devices, using antivirus and firewall helps protect the social networking account you have.
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