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Samsung Beat Apple's popularity

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Reading Always Samsung Beat Apple's popularitySamsung Competition with Apple not only held tight at the green table, but also in the popularity of the product. Although considered to be released that mimic Apple's products, but the popularity of Samsung managed to beat Apple. Based on the public perception survey conducted YouGov, the popularity of Samsung started to beat Apple since last week, or since December 8.

YouGov rate, advertising Samsung Galaxy S II line satirical iPhone 4S as the factors that most influence the popularity of Apple.
 The ad release 22 November to 1 December. 

One of the popularity of Samsung's determination of the questions asked seem to YouGov, namely: "If you hear the brand was in the last two weeks, either through advertising, news, or speech, it's positive or negative?" The result, many positive rate.

Popularity of the iPhone itself began to decline since the end of November, with a value 
Meanwhile, in late November, Samsung recorded a buzz score of 19. Whereas today, the Samsung buzz score is 26.

In the ad Galaxy S II, titled "Next Big Thing", Samsung's satirical Apple fanboy who would stand in line long after the iPhone 4S. In fact, according to Samsung's ads, the iPhone 4S does not have a lot of changes. Even the iPhone does not support the 4S 4G technologies, like those of the Galaxy S II.
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