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Amaze 4G HTC, HTC Android with the advantages Camera Photos and Video

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Reading AlwaysAmaze 4G HTC, HTC Android with the advantages Camera Photos and Video.

Your photography fans are definitely some times take advantage of mobile phone cameras to capture impromptu moments you encounter. But as a fan of photography, the camera picture of satisfaction of course phones away from your desire when compared with digital cameras. But before you give the final assessment of the camera phone, try the latest Android HTC called the HTC 4G Amaze .
Here is the face of 4G HTC Android Amaze:
• Layar: 4.3 inches 540x960 resolution• Berat: 6.1oz• Processor dan RAM: 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon, 1GB RAM• Kamera: 8-megapixel stills, 1080p video (rear);• Storage: 16GB internal + up to 32GB SD Storage• OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) + Custom Skin• Baterai: 1730 mAh• Harga kisaran: $599.99
Why Amaze 4G HTC Android is worth considering?
Amaze HTC 4G is arguably a digital camera device that also has a general ability HTC Android. Most similar products from this model is the HTC Android HTC MyTouch 4G Slide, but on this latest product updates improved speed: 1.2GHz dual-core to dual-core 1.5GHz, 768MB RAM to 1GB, 4GB to 16GB of onboard storage, and additional controls. Amaze 4G HTC Plus eliminates slide-out keyboard which makes it more streamlined.
Plus what makes the HTC Android is seeded in the 8-megapixel camera is the camera, and provides two special keys, ie keys to capture images and video. It has become a liability if the smartphone features favor the camera has the special keys like this.
Besides the advantage on the side of the camera hardware, special software is pinned by HTC to support the superiority of this Android HTC camera. These features, among others; HTC provides advanced controls ISO, exposure, etc.); many custom filters; available many modes such as panorama camera, burst, and several other camera modes that can combine several photos into one file; features "touch to focus" and several other features.
One drawback Amaze 4G HTC smartphones as championed camera is the screen has.Screen HTC Android is arguably worth it. Brightness and color level is sufficient to show that the Android 2.3 OS is equipped with HTC Sense UI (User-Interface). But the downside is the black color on the screen is not as black as the Super AMOLED screen, and features high-resolution did not have. This is impacting on the photo will look better on the computer than if you view it directly on the screen 4G HTC Amaze.
Another drawback is battery life. Indeed, this weakness is a weakness common to both Android and the HTC almost all other Android smartphone. Battery technology is not yet and, as is often Reading Always - discussed, still in the developmental stage to be able to really support the rapid development of smartphones.
Purchased it worth?
Lovers of photography generally have to bring a camera to capture the great moments that come by chance and abrupt. Android and HTC will be perfect for you with the condition. Plus the hardware specs, the HTC 4G Amaze can also provide the speed is quite interesting. So, the answer is, yes decently. 
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