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Rats Actually Kind and Generous

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Reading Always - Mice love synonymous with traitor. But actually, according to the researchers, they are really good and generous. In one study, scientists at the University of Chicago put the rats in pairs so they must know each other.

When later the rat was placed in a transparent tube in the cage, the second rat looks depressed until the successful release of the first rat. Surprisingly, not only helping a friend at home who is in trouble, they also share selflessly. What is also surprising, female rats appear more concerned than males. During the experiment, the scientists found that mice that roam anxious to see his friend trapped and according to the scientists, the mice showed a simple form of empathy. Animals are free to go further, learn how to open doors tube, without being taught, and freeing their partner.

This, said the researchers, is a more complex form of empathy. Many mice repeat patterns, according to a report in Science. "We do not train these mice in any way. mouse this study because they are motivated by something internally," says Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal. "We do not teach them how to open door. It's hard to open the door, but they keep trying and trying and finally succeeded. " In further studies, mice had little interest or no interest in releasing a toy doll that stuck in the tube, but they release live rats, even when not allowed to play with the rat after release.

This, say the researchers, showed that mice liberator motivation is to eliminate suffering of animals caught. In past experiments, researchers looked at the attitude of mice when given a choice to rescue or eating chocolate. Animals were often prefer to complete the rescue before it slipped and sharing chocolate them with their friends. "It was very interesting. Show us that basically helps them equal partners with chocolate. We were surprised," said Peggy Mason. The results also suggest female rats are more likely to conduct rescue efforts which may reflect the importance of empathy in motherhood . The research team says that the act of empathy clearly is not the only human uniqueness and suggested we might learn a thing or two from the humble mouse. Professor Mason said, "When we act without empathy, we act against our biological heritage. ' " If people want to hear and act on their biological inheritance more often, we will be better. "
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