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Adolf Hitler's desk Sold Rp3, 8 Billion

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Reading News - A set of tables which are made of brass belongs to Adolf Hitler used the Munich Pact signing and saying 'AH', sold in an auction in the United States (U.S.) at a price high enough that a price or prices USD423.000 approximately Rp3, 8 billion.
A set of workbench is suspected to be the work of Nazi leaders, the table was also sold along with its ink-shaped symbol of Nazi eagle and swastika.

"For all goods sold approximately USD423.000," said the auctioneer, Bill Panagopulos, as preached by AFP. "The table may have been designed by Hitler himself," said the auction house.

The house relics buyer tired of saying that Hitler was a collector from the U.S. west coast. A photograph showing the history of Hitler, Prime Minister Italian Benito Mussolini, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier and Prime Minister of brass gathered at the table during the signing of the Munich Pact of September 30, 1938. Munich Pact was handed the Sudetenland, the German heavy-ethnic Czechoslovakia to Germany which is intended to meet the demands of ambition Hitler's expansion. But the pact that led to the German invasion of Poland and triggered World War II.

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