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iPhone 4S – A Synonym for “Revolution”?
Smart phone enthusiasts from all over eagerly awaited the new iPhone, with speculations on what the new phone might/ should offer. Most expected iPhone 5, instead, iPhone 4S was unveiled. The phone is still great and we can safely say, the new iPhone has made it up to the expectations.

iPhone 4s is sensational
Phone 4s became one of the most popular smart phones in the world. It is indeed a challenge to introduce a new product better than this. With its designed base, following the previous iPhones and almost an imitation of their previous model, iPhone 4s is where the magic continues.
It is equipped with a dual core A5, which in simple words, a faster operating processor. Moreover, they have completely redesigned the camera. The phone is fitted with an 8 megapixel camera, changing the way people had previously being seeing pictures and making it just breath taking. The phone not only comes with iOS 5, but with the iCloud and with amazing 200 new features as well.

The ever obedient personal assistant, Siri
And now they introduce Siri. It provides for an interesting way of communicating with your phone. It’s kind of an obedient assistant. It listens to you, responds to your commands and can execute them. It does not just answer with a yes or a no, but in complex sentences and has the ability to completely communicate with you. It completely changes the way people used to use a phone.
State of the art processor chip
There are major advances in the phone’s processor. It uses the same i5 chip which is also used in the iPad and makes the phone response time smoother and quicker. Applications work swiftly. The Safari (internet browser) loads much faster. The graphics and video performance has been improved 7 times as compared to the iPhone 4.

More on the Camera
iPhone 4S is plugged in with an 8 megapixel camera, but much of the appreciation goes to the new technology used in the lenses. With the addition of a new lens and a new sensor, the picture shots are far brighter, with deep color and more accuracy. Even the video recording has been improved. The iPhone 4s records with a 1080 p HD video, 30 frames per second. Moreover, the new software makes the video more stable and bright. The camera can detect face and automatically focus itself accordingly. It is smart enough to know whether you are taking a portrait or a group photo and adjusts accordingly.

The new integrated feature
The iPhone 4s comes with the new feature/ product, the iCloud. iCloud stores music, contacts, messages, videos, photos, applications, documents and can wirelessly transfer them to your other devices automatically.
Apple has worked hard to improve an already completely spectacular phone and has enhanced it with the new dual core A5, the iOS software and the Siri and have given the world iphone 4s, which is no doubt the most spectacular iphone ever.

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