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Mainframe Usage and Implementation

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Mainframe Usage and ImplementationToday, mainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of most of the world’s largest corporations. As I told earlier , there are lots of application/services running around us which are based on Mainframe. Let’s review some of these.

  • ATM – Simplest example affecting mans common daily life. Does it need to be explained?

  • Credit Card Business – Banks and financial institutions heavily rely on mainframes when it comes to security for sensitive data and need to cater huge  customers information.It will be a nightmare for an American if his/her Credit Card faces a risk.

  •  Railway and Airline reservation – Railway and Airline ticketing & information systems are one of the biggest real time system which require maximum up time. Mainframe provides solution to this necessity.

  • Health Services – Big health care players like National Health Services(NHS), United Health Group(UHG) have its databases in Mainframe only to keep the patient health sensitive records. Moreover the bills & finances are also maintained using this.

  • Banking & Insurance – Now a days almost all of the banking & insurance operations are computerized and supported by Mainframes. The transactions like  Electronic Money Transfers, On-line bill payment swipe , debit/credit card purchases are processed on-the-fly by a Mainframe Computer. Additionally other financial chores like company Payroll management, company financial reporting  are done well using a mainframe.

  • Government Services – The government schemes are built to serve large number of people and thus it requires hassle free operation to provide smooth services to public. Schemes like Royal Mail, Pension Plan are kind of services which are supported by a mainframe computer.

  • Various Scientific research project – Scientific  research projects require very precise and complex kind of data for analysis purpose. Moreover huge calculation and data storage are part of a scientific research; so who else other than a mainframe computer can do this task! Space journeys like Appolo13 would not have been possible without a mainframe.

Thus mainframe computers form the foundation of modern business and support the large-scale business / scientific services.
But there is lot more to know about Mainframes, we will come to discuss about that in next article.
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