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Microsoft Media Exhibition Social Skills in Ancol

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Reading Always News Day - Microsoft Media Exhibition Social Skills in AncolKen Chang, Asia Pacific Commercial Director, Microsoft Advertising and Online was present on the sidelines of the Me So Playground, Carnival Beach, Ancol, North JakartaChang seemed excited to discuss how the development of Microsoft's integration with a variety of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, both for PC, Console Games, as well as smart phones. 

He expressed how MSN messenger known as traditional, capable of integration with social networking because it saw the growth trend in the world of social media. Indonesia is among the largest users. Now, users can perform facebook MSN messenger chat on this. 

Then, for the Hotmail email service owned by Microsoft, also provides news feeds have been integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Thus, the update of both the social networking directly into the dashboard Hotmail email users to log in each time. On the right side Hotmail also provides Facebook Chat. 

These are examples of integration that Microsoft responded to the development of social media trends. "Through the Windows Live, we also provide services to customers for the XBox 360 can perform the update status on Facebook and Twitter them through this console."

Responding to rampant cases of piracy on the game servers a few big companies like Sony and Square Enix, Chang admitted it is also a threat to all companies, including Microsoft. To that end, Microsoft has always provided an update to customers XBox so that security is always maintained.

Also about open source is now echoed Microsoft, Chang admitted it will not disturb the security company because Microsoft has chosen the codes that are safe to be opened to the public and maintain the code that must remain locked.

"Open source helps to develop the application of the software that we have. So do not be too problematic to update security because we are also done regularly."

But when asked about its partnership with Skype, Microsoft silent. "We are already working together with Skype, but I do not know and could not give an answer which applications will be developed by Microsoft for Skype," said Chang.
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