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Server Square Enix Hackers Hijacked

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Reading Always News Day - Server Square Enix Hackers Hijacked. Service Square Enix, Final Fantasy game developers legendary hackers hijacked. Personal account information of 1.8 million belong to one million users - who are from Japan and the United States - threatened to leak into the hands of hackers. Fortunately, hackers have not had time to retrieve information about credit cards. 

"We have informed the customer that the account was hijacked and our customers not to provide information on credit cards to anyone that the name of us. Square Enix sure until now there is no leakage of credit card information," explained an official statement from Square Enix is. 

For Square Enix, this is the second time the occurrence of hijacking servers. In May 2011, Square Enix also have a server hijacking that resulted in 250 thousand customer email addresses and 350 cover letter be stolen offender.

The information contained in the collapse servers include your name, email, phone numbers and even addresses. As a result of this piracy, services for members of Square Enix will be suspended. Not yet known how long the service is stopped.
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