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Going Green in your office

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Reading Society - Many of us want to be responsible citizens of Earth. We consider the implications of our lifestyles on the environment. We are excited about the global warming concerns. We want to ensure our children's future on this planet is one that still breathe clean air, drink plenty of trees and animals, and water. But many of us also believe that the victim may be too big to "go green" in our own office. Good news. It's not as difficult as you think.

There are three areas where you can make a significant impact without great expense or inconvenience: paper, lighting and electronics.

The average American office worker throws about 150 pounds of paper per year. Manufacture of paper contributes to the deforestation of the planet and in America is responsible for 35 million tones of CO2 per year. So what can you do? Buy recycled paper. Make full use of that paper printed by printing on both sides and / or the use of paper on one side only for scrap paper. Do your proofreading and editing on the computer to the number of copies that you make to the print quality. Reuse folders by new labels over the old. All these changes are easy to make, but have a big impact. Pretty painless, right?

Another possibility may be green, go into your office is as simple as changing a light bulb. In fact, changing a light bulb. Light bulbs are four times more energy than is needed to generate light. Halogen lights can get as hot as 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hot enough to boil an egg! Otherwise, use Energy Star-certified compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) 75% less energy to produce the same amount of light, last 10 times longer and produce less heat. If you want even more reason to feel energy saving light bulbs switch, you should also save money over the life of the lamp. Once you made the switch to energy saving light bulbs, make sure the lights when they are not needed. A good way to ensure that those with the motion sensor that switches off the lights when the room all happened.

38% of all carbon dioxide emissions from power generation. The electricity is used for many things. A great burden for our electricity, our office equipment such as computers, copiers, printers and fax machines. If you are looking to green your electronics on three factors. They should be used in the manufacture of products generated waste, the impact on the environment, if you products and wastes, if you have to be considered with the products did occur. That seems to think much, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to reduce the negative effects of office equipment on the environment, to minimize.

The production of electronics uses a variety of resources, including electricity and water resources. 
Electronics also account for billions of pounds of trash per year. Only a few of the contaminants that electronics create are toxic heavy metals, lead, PCBs, mercury and various acids. Reduce your office has landed on the number of new devices that are manufactured, but also in landfills, buy all-in-one machines that combine several functions into one. Wherever possible, get rid of machines completely by using services such as Internet Fax. Consumed with an Internet fax service that you get rid of all the fax, as well as the amount of paper and ink. Another way to reduce waste is to recycle devices no longer work and those that do to charities where to donate them to remain in use.

25% of the total electricity used by all commercial buildings in the U.S. office buildings is consumed. 
When buying new office equipment, look for Energy Star-certified equipment. It uses a huge difference in the amount of electricity to run your office. For example, an Energy Star-certified computer is 52% more efficient than standard are considered. Laptops use much less energy than desktops, so consider this a viable option for your office. Energy-efficient machines have go stand-by options below will power or sleep to save energy when not in use. Once the office is closed for the day to ensure that all equipment is turned off.

These steps will get you on your way to "green" in your office. 
And as I promised, they will help you to make a significant impact without significant cost or inconvenience to you and your employees. And you thought going green would be difficult.
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