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ice Cendol include Beverages best in the World

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Reading Always - Based on a survey conducted CNN go mention there are 50 drinks the best in the whole world. From the 50th beverage is selected drinks from various countries, including coconut ice and ice cendol affairs of Indonesia that occupies the 19th and 45th. Strangely, different versions of the drink that appears, mineral water face to the first rank. Because the minerals are the foundation of life. Without water we can not continue their lives. The function and usefulness of mineral water as a release not only thirst but also for various needs. Of mineral water also you can make ice cubes, and do many things.

Because of its purity, do wrong to mineral water actually more expensive than other drinks. If it is packaged in bottles packaged and presented in the restaurant, then you notice that the price of mineral water is much more expensive than other drinks.
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