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Start 4TB SATA hard drive on the market

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Reading News day sharing information about Start 4TB SATA hard drive on the market. 3.5-inch hard drive for desktop PCs first extra capacity relief, namely 4TB has been present in the market. The product is known to appear first in the Japanese market. Prior to this, although two of the leading hard drive manufacturer Seagate and Hitachi which has announced the availability of 4TB of hard drive capacity, however, is an external hard drive.

Quoted from Fudzilla, which reported the appearance of the disk itself in Akiba-PC, leading market information site from Japan, the hard drive is Hitachi's series Desktar 5K and supports SATA 6Gbps. From the specification, quoted from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, December 12, 2011, the hard drive has a 32MB cache and densities increased through the use of 4KB, instead of 512B per sector.

In terms of price, hard drive was marketed in haraga 26,800 yen or about Rp3, 1 million. A number of shops in the European region also has another series that is Desktar menyantumkan 7000K which is much faster 7200rpm with 64MB cache. In Germany, it costs around 499 Euros, but in the UK, a number of outlets menjajakannya in at 228 Euros, or approximately Rp2, 76 million. It seems that the price of Rp2, 76 million more sense because when the price of a capacity of 3TB hard drive itself is marketed at a price of 180 to 190 Euros or around Rp2, 18 to Rp2, 3 million.
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