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Full Benefits of Fruit Leather

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Reading Health - Have you ever felt fresh and delicious fruits such as oranges, watermelon and bananas? yes, these fruits are sweet and delicious. Nutrient content in it can make the body become healthy. Citrus is famous for its vitamin C which acts as anti-oxidants, free radicals, help cure anemia, and contains potassium, which serves to maintain levels of acid and water in the body. Watermelon has a high enough potassium kadungan so as to help the work of the heart and normalize blood pressure and contain lycopene, an antioxidant that is superior to vitamin C and E. Bananas are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Bananas also contain vitamins, namely C, B complex, B6, and serotonin is active as a neurotransmitter in the smooth functioning of the brain.

However, taukah you that not only the fruit is beneficial, but oranges, bananas and watermelon have great benefits to the skin of the fruit? The following skin benefits of these fruits.

1. The benefits of orange peel

Orange peel can ease the frostbite (cold sore) by burning and grinding orange peel and mix the powder with vegetable oil mill results then apply to the swollen area due to cold weather. Orange peel is also capable of treating bronchitis with 5-15 grams of orange peel brew with boiling water, drain, and drink with a frequency that is rather frequent. In addition, orange peel can treat mastitis (breast was swollen when excess milk production) by boiling 30 grams of fresh orange peel and 6 grams of licorice (liquorice) with water. Drink twice a day.

2. The benefits of watermelon skin

Research in the Arab states that there are at least 5 diseases can be cured with the skin of the watermelon, which is chronic high blood, kidney inflammation, difficult urination, difficult defecation and chronic disease DROPSY (loose-loose). Watermelon skin powder used as high blood pressure-lowering drugs with dried then pounded until smooth. For other illnesses are advised to cook the dough sehigga watermelon skin and stored in a sealed glass bottle. This dough is consumed one tablespoon a day before breakfast for a month.

3. Benefits of a banana skin

Banana skin can relieve pain, itching, warts and accelerate wound healing. To relieve pain and itching, just put a banana peel on the part of the pain due to laceration and burn a few moments until the itching and pain was reduced. Banana peel is believed to contain antiviral to treat warts, is by way of a banana skin can be bonded with adhesive tape over the wart, allow it to heal warts. To accelerate the healing of wounds, banana peels can be applied to clean the wound because the wound will react with the enzyme contained therein.

How? if you are interested to try the efficacy of the fruit skin was? if you are interested in eating fruit peel as a drug, you also need to be aware of the dangers of pesticides that may be used by farmers in these fruits. Always wash fruits that you will consume with the remover liquid pesticides. To be more safe to consume organic fruits that it is definitely without pesticides.
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