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Effect of sugar-sweetened beverages in Women

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Reading Always - Effect of sugar-sweetened beverages in Women. Drinking two cups or more per day of sweetened beverages may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes in women. Nevertheless, the habit was not to gain weight. 

According to Health Day News, soda and other sweetened beverages is a target in the fight against obesity. The problem, according to latest research results, the drink may not cause weight gain, but it triggers something more severe. 

Middle-aged women who drank two glasses or more drinks in a day had a four times higher risk will increase blood fats called triglycerides. 

In addition, these drinks also damage their blood sugar levels when compared with women who drank only one glass a day. 

The good news, both groups were equally showed no weight gain. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Hearth Association in Orlando, Florida, United States. 

However, these cases do not occur in men. There is no explanation of why the group drink sweet things that do not affect men. 

Possible causes are women require less energy for metabolism than men. Thus, two glasses of soda every day will not affect the condition of men. They need more servings in order to see its impact. 

In the end, reduce or do not eat at all sweetened drinks are the easiest steps to avoid heart disease and diabetes. Is it not so?
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