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What is hemorrhagic stroke?

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Reading Always - Update today my article, and read my article here Information on hemorrhagic stroke should focus on stroke symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, complications and treatmentsThis condition is only one form of stroke that leads to drastic results. Brain has several protective layers, the hard stuff, and especially of the skull that surrounds this organ. At birth, writes about the skull of a human being with others and how the person gets older the skull is completely closed, place the disabled the ability of the brain cavity volume and pressure.

Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when blood flow to blood vessels or tissue. Blood trickles from his origins irritation and swelling of brain tissue may. The blood collected from these sources and the shape of a hematoma. Since the normal structure of the brain cavity is not included hematoma, intracranial pressure will increase. This is due to the pressure that caused the hematoma in the brain tissue that can cause more severe damage to them.

There are different types of hemorrhagic stroke after the place where the bleeding occurs. Bleeding may occur in the substance of the brain, known as intracerebral hemorrhage. Intracranial aneurysms are weak bulging of the walls of the arteries that can rupture at any time in the life of the most special person when a person is in a high emotional state, and stressed.

However, this can cause weakness of the arteries not only pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, also has its origin in congenital malformations and arteriovenous malformations. This condition is a result of entanglement in the arteries and veins of the brain. The reason for the malfunction of the capillary beds occur, the curvature of the arteries can contribute. The last type of hemorrhagic stroke is subarachnoid hemorrhage. It is the fatal form of stroke, since it is the main blood supply to the brain.The symptoms of a stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke may be mentioned various manifestations depending on the location of the hemorrhage and the amount of damage he has caused. The report is typical of patients with this condition is experienced headaches. Wide range of physical and psychological assessments indicate the level of neurological disorders that occurred. There are cases where symptoms of the patients had minor effects of the treatment administered to them. Risk factors associated with the occurrence or stroke are gender, age and ethnicity.

This is an emergency situation, where the frequency of diagnosis is very important to determine which treatment is right for the patient. That brings a series of screenings of high quality. These screening tests are imaging tests, electrical activity and blood flow together. Complications can arise even with these conditions of hypoxia, seizures, cerebral vasospasm, increased intracranial pressure and hypertension. The treatments for this disease are diverse and should be done immediately to avoid fatal damage or sudden death of the patient. The management of hemorrhagic stroke include undergo a cooperative approach to the use of drugs and surgery.
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