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Symptoms of stroke in women and Sign

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Reading Always - update today article, read my article here If part of the human brain stops due to insufficient supply of oxygen will then work this deadly condition called StrokeThe overall stroke symptoms must not be seen in women. Therefore, in order to provide timely treatment for the patient, it is essential to know about the stroke and the symptoms in women.

Stroke is a medical point of apoplexy as known and it is a condition where blood supply is episodic, a part of the brain. The oxygen is through the blood cells in several parts of the body, the brain cells are also supplied. Therefore, blood and oxygen to the smooth functioning of all body organs and cells. At the time of the stroke attack, the blood supply may be interrupted because of the blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in one part of the brain.Ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes are the two types of. Ischemic stroke is the type of stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, a blood clot while, because come the rupture of blood vessels. It is dying because of blood and oxygen deficiency that causes the brain cells and the dysfunction that part of the brain. However, due to the lack of treatment does not completely brain and lead to delay in treatment to death. 
Stroke symptom for women is different than the usual stroke symptoms.

The most common symptoms of stroke in men and women can be seen are dizziness and problems with balance and coordination, sudden speech disorders or impaired understanding, blurred vision or difficulty with vision, numbness or weakness, usually on one side of the body, beginning of a sudden and significant headaches, mental confusion. All of these symptoms occur, stroke unexpectedly with a sudden outbreak. In women, symptoms of a stroke vary from the classic symptoms of a stroke or above. Generally the symptoms are pretty vague considered when a woman gets a stroke attack. These symptoms are usually different from the symptoms of stroke that are observed in the rule. Because of this striking and ambiguous symptoms, goes more often, stroke test diagnosed in women.Incorrect diagnosis of these symptoms thus leads to wrong treatment and thus causes severe complications. Therefore, it is important to know about the signs and symptoms of stroke in women.

Sometimes the symptoms of stroke in women are so varied that the doctor misdiagnoses the problem and they might with some other health problems. Atypical symptoms of a stroke are also seen in humans, however, the proportion was higher for women.These symptoms are shortness of breath, convulsions, fainting and unconsciousness.
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