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What is a bipolar affective disorder

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Reading Always - What is a bipolar affective disorderMental conditions are no laughing matter, especially when a loved one occurs, the problems in their mental health. It could be a constant state of depression or a state of unpredictability in terms of mood swings and emotional reactions are triggered by stress. Among these problems is manic-depressive, very difficult to understand or treat. What was formerly called manic-depressive illness is more common than bipolar affective disorder in recent years.

What exactly is this condition called bipolar affective disorder? Basically it is a mental state in which the abnormalities in brain anatomy or physical, in particular the hippocampus and the physiology or the balance of chemicals that send a message to some parts of the body.
 The term is Äúbipolar Au for the extremes of moods that a person suffering experiences relate to him more used: May depression or low moods and experiences that are too high, speaks of the mania, or both. This imbalance of moods to a deterioration of the judgments that the person is not able to operate within the requirements of normal everyday life.

How does a person know if he has this disease? 
It is usually diagnosed by a doctor about symptoms. Usually exclude other diseases that cause the same symptoms. Then the history of the patient is evaluated, which includes the recording of a previous episode of mental illness. AO medical history of the family has also examined whether there is a history of affective disorders. Current blood tests for possible future assistance should be responsible for the diagnosis of this disease are investigated.

But what causes bipolar disorder? 
Science and research does not prove possible causes, although they have enforced by the public. Legacy has proven to be an important factor, although certain genetic abnormalities or suspicious. A chemical imbalance in the brain of a person AO also suggested that perhaps the membranes along the paths through which messages they in the brain of the person who lost AOS are supplied connected. Is is another possible cause is that more than the scientists, a seizure disorder has in the frontal cortex of the brain, it seems, no seizures comes with this type of attack because they do not contain these psycho-motor centers, but this state of " Mind-zone and a verdict person AOS.

At the time of this writing, approximately 3,200 people diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. 
About 1-2000000 Americans have this condition. It is interesting to note that there is no difference between races or ethnic status have been observed by several, nor was there any difference in the frequency of occurrence in men and women.

How is it treated? 
In general, the current treatment in most cases it is necessary. The patient is usually given medication and is required to meet with a psychiatrist at regular intervals. AO is a way of life must be regulated, if only to avoid the triggers and prevent relapse. This means that the person is expected to monitor their moods and symptoms. It also needs a good management practice and pace yourself to stress, to avoid under-or over-stimulation in certain situations. The need for support for family and friends is also found, of crucial importance, since the effect of relieving the stress of this hobby.

While the disease has been found that is not curable, there are people, the loss ratio of the symptoms caused by seemingly non-scientific: As a condition of mood associated with and influenced, AOS self-understanding of a correct conception of an AOS value seems to be an 
amount of help. The people who seem that there is a higher being, its values, is not enough double-minded and think about them, give them a sense of security and purpose, and greatly reduced the incidence of symptoms.

The certainty of forgiveness from God and not even in people who are in slavery by their very nature doomed sails fly in freedom and joy, no longer need their medication was used regularly. 
The hope for all those with a family member suffering from the condition, it's like a lot of thought processes that seem to change can be affected.
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Ray Tyler said...

Bipolar disorder, yes it is a problem to suffer from it. I have known this since 1982.
Treatment of the disorder can make a great deal of difference to the life led by a person with bipolar. Once a successful treatment is found stick to it. This treatment will most likely include medication. However, there will generally be other options included. These could include talk therapy, Cognitive behaviour therapy, support groups and a number of other options.
I found a successful treatment back in 1997. I have not had a bipolar episode since then.

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