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Speed Eating Lead to Obesity

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Hello my friends.. today i want up to date my article, about Speed Eating Lead to Obesity. let's refer to my article today to read it.They often have lunch round in five minutes? If you live the urban lifestyle, then chances are that it is a hectic lifestyle is not allowed and you have enough time to think about what you eat, think, and how you should eat a lot.Reading Always with people who work in offices and companies with corporate formalities, deadlines and work, and are therefore always on the run from morning to evening connected. Of course it is not a break between meals, but how much time they spend quality is not really on the diet.

According to a study that found recently in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, that fast food is one of the reasons why people face health problems such as obesity published. According to a study of people who used to eat quickly grew day by thick-to-day, and it was not because of the quality of food they have, but because they consume food without properly chewing would lead to problems such as weight gain.
Another important thing that the study found that people who are busy with their work and professional commitments, and often think about their work while they were eating, which means that they do not think in any kind of food you eat, and they actually taste like they came from. It is also about the amount of food they eat worried. Thus, the research that people who eat too fast to maintain a high-fat meal in many cases, and also to problems such as weight gain, digestive disorders and bowel complications lead. According to the study mentioned in the magazine, it is concluded that, although we eat, there are several signals that are sent from the brain to the stomach and back to the brain that tells us the amount of food you eat and should, when the stomach is full or not. People who eat quickly are often very fast and are therefore able to eat more than they handle their stomachs.
Also found that people who eat quickly and be used without the awareness often feel more hungry people who chew their food properly for the floor and take additional time to supplement their diet. This happens because it does not register the food that is not in the brain or hormones in the body functioning as it should, and so feel hungry again after a few hours or minutes. In one experiment, which will explain this phenomenon, and a group of people with a bowl of ice cream. A group of people who eat this ice cream in 5 minutes only, they are still hungry and eat more.But people who have the same dish of ice cream in 30 minutes claimed it was full of very well be a bowl or scoop of ice cream.This test found that the rate of interest is not the hunger in us, and therefore can lead to problems such as obesity and weight gain.
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