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United States of America Car Assessment

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Reading Always - Update today about United States of America Car Assessment.today I want to give a little article about the business to yourvisitors Always ReadingCar AssessmentFrom the beginning that this point is: Why give a "recovery" bring in quotes because of these notes, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler last U.S. "Big Three" did not sign the recovery experience, but beware of the longitudinal growth of U.S. consumption and the unemployment rate and many close relationships with other factors in the automotive industry, is easy to see that the auto industry in the United States at the bottom and really is not an easy task.

In early September, the companies announced the sale of three major U.S. auto in August 2010 data. The data indicate that the government stimulus "write-off" for the automotive industry in the United States in August in the year's decline. But before that, in July, moved General Motors, Ford and Chrysler sales of the three major manufacturers. Financial statements also show that the U.S. "Big Three" of the cash flows and 

profits and duties of several key indicators, such as still beautiful.

U.S. industry car started a fixed fulcrum and recover slowly, mainly because the United States Government several important initiatives. Forced the government, such as General Motors, Chrysler, "blood" and have the bankruptcy reorganization, and preferential policies, such as the introduction of trade, and give great support sales levels. However, measures the U.S. government bailout and the phasing and further intensify competition in the automotive market, especially the United States with high unemployment rates and consumer confidence stagnated, "three" is still the future course of development is not so clear.GM and Chrysler intend to return to the capital market through public subscription, and access to greater self-management space. It seems a good choice, but out of "asylum" in government, and how many investors will give their vote of confidence. The latest reports indicate that GM has a sliding scale of IPO in the previous plans of 16 billion U.S. dollars 80 billion to 10 billion U.S. dollars reduced. "The U.S. Treasury Department General Motors Corporation, are very cautious about it. The people in the current market and the global economic outlook is still in doubt." No cars Consulting optimistic in the United States, and funding in the future of General Motors.

In addition to the capital markets is uncertain, and the key to success in determining the future of the Chinese market, "three", also has much to do. SAIC GM expects China with a strategic alliance, but the criticism is more or less by the Government of the United States, Ford also increased investment in the Chinese market, but always gives "too late" feeling, the acquisition of Chrysler by Fiat was essentially the right to speak in the Chinese market, and even the Jeep brand is much in China and domestic consumers, but also to look into the face of a yacht in the PhilippinesLook at the technical level. Recently, USA President Barack Obama to support General Motors and other car companies in the United States to develop a green car, a special trip to the manufacture of automobiles in the United States a letter from Michigan, and the new Volt electric car test GM unit. General Motors plans to sell 45,000 Volts in 2012. U.S. Government2015-100000000 travel plans electric car in the United States on all roads.

However, in the eyes of the technicians, either common-volts, or Ford's PHEV, and to what extent are the Japanese brand of hybrid technology. In the United States, "Open" and that for every $ 7,500 electric car government grants available and the number of falling into the "big three" in the bag?"The patient is alive, but now the patient is not strong enough to be out of the room." Advisor to the U.S. auto industry, which has a cautious view of the "three" in the recovery phase.

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