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The irony of acne

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Reading Always - The irony of acne, Occurring acne is very common. The irony is that as they grow and become conscious of their look and feel summit takes place. In girls develops in adolescence, whereas in children it develops later in adolescence.

Almost everyone faces. Woman who had faced in their teenage years are more likely to face in their thirties. It is a natural part of growth and is caused by hormones. Acne prevention is not possible, but proper care and precautions can reduce its intensity.

How can you prevent something that is natural? Here are some tips that can help one face the problem of the summit, which is primarily aesthetic and psychological, but a few cases of adverse events that may require the help of a doctor.

• It is an incurable disease and is not good but in most cases requires no treatment.

 It develops slowly, stays for some time, some months or years, and leaves.

• It is caused by lifestyle, but aggravated by some chemicals used in cosmetics.

 Wash your face two or three times a day and drink lots of water make acne spots go away faster.

Some dietary precautions can help. Do not eat fast food and heavy things avoid excess fat and sugar. To prevent acne focus on slimming which are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E.? It has been observed that people who develop serious summit have lower vitamin A compared with those who do not. Just as those withlower vitamin E in girls of your body is likely to have more acne.
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