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Damage in our personality

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Reading Always - Update today about Damage in our personality. Read this my article, Why they try to look good and different every time they are out. Their focus is on maintaining their faces a little more attractive by applying a number of techniques, such as for females; they try to use make-up while going to a party or event. In such a situation, they have a fear that is just like a nightmare for them and that fear is nothing but buttons. The buttons are tiny spots which are usually formed on the surface of the skin. They are the result of excessive production of oil mixed with particles of dirt around the skin that blocks pores and disrupts the flow of oxygen in our skin. The area of ​​skin that is usually the most affected is the face buttons.

There are several reasons due to which the buttons appear frequently on our face
. Of these reasons, the main one is that our face is exposed to particles of dirt and wet the most. Usually our body parts are hidden under clothing, but the face is exposed to environmental pollution in our environment very often. In addition, the face is the part of the skin produces more oil than any other part of our body, which may be the result of sweat, the use of cosmetics evil, feeding problems etc. Other reasons for the appearance of spots on face generally include hereditary problems, hormone levels, infections, etc. In all cases, the buttons may be formed. The buttons are able to destroy the evenings are set out in one go, as they appear just above our forehead or cheeks which can cause a bad impression to people that we can interact.

If a person is exposed to the problem of buttons continuously, then it is strongly recommended to have appropriate treatment. Although this is not the case yet people need to worry about their buttons as they can still turn into prolonged acne problem, or they may leave a scar before disappearing. 
People can avoid the wrong impression of their buttons can offer people they meet, and they can also reduce the threat of acne extended by simply not allowing them to appear. To avoid these tiny spots, people should clean their face with a mild detergent or soap two or three times a day, which contribute to the reduction of the oil. Second, they should avoid eating food that contains fats and high calories because they are also a major reason for the appearance of spots.

The buttons are serious problems that can damage our personalities to a greater extent; we must first try to never let them be on our skin, especially the face. 
Even if the buttons appear that we should give appropriate treatment rather than simply pressing or pinching, as this will result in redness, even scars on his face permanently.
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