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Danger of Swallowing water Swimming Pool

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Health Informasi, We do not realize that the effects of a person if swallowed water in a swimming pool can cause disease. Health information, in this morning to try to share some health information. Have fun in the pool and laughing in the pool, but we do not know if swallow the pool water to bring the bacteria into our bodies.

For that let you read the following article below, carefully and do not forget to always get the info-info about healthcare at Health Information.
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Nothing is more exciting than happy children splashing in the pool. Swimming, diving, or just splashing-water spray as she cried. Be careful not to swallow pool water.

Swallow the pool water turned out to be one cause of disease outbreaks in several countries. In a report issued by the U.S. government, there is mentioned 134 outbreaks mikoorganisme borne disease pathogens in the water.

Outbreaks that occurred between the years 2007-2008 was associated with a swimming pool and other recreational activities in the water. Also found 36 outbreaks of illness associated with drinking water.

In January 2007 also reported an outbreak of diseases related to activities in the pool. The biggest one probably that occurred in December 2008 that hit 38 states and Puerto Rico, causing at least 13 966 people sick.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states between the years 2005 to 2008 there was an increase in diseases caused by contaminated water 72 percent. Water pollution that occurs in a swimming pool, river, lake, or sea water.

About 45 percent of outbreaks of diseases that occur in the years 2007-2008 caused by cryptosporidium, a parasite that chlorine resistant famous. Meanwhile, the U.S. national data analysis found more than 4,000 cases of illness and injuries occur because of chemical use in public or private pool.

To prevent infection of this disease, CDC provides prevention advice, namely:

- Avoid swimming or water play activities when he was suffering from diarrhea. Diarrhea-causing bacteria will spread easily in water and spread it to others.
- Teach children not to swallow water ponds, rivers, lakes, or sea water.
- Go take a shower with soap before entering the pool and wash hands with soap after using the toilet. This action will prevent bacteria in the body dissolves into the water pool.

In addition to its water pool, the CDC also found many cases of stomach illness caused by infection of drinking water. Most cases occurred because drinking water comes from ground water is not getting proper treatment.

The experts also found the transmission of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals in water that is swallowed. One third of drinking water caused an outbreak of legionella were also infected, the bacteria that can cause severe respiratory distress.

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