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Overcoming the blood cancer or leukemia

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Overcoming the blood cancer or leukemia, Reading Always update tonight. Few want to share information on how to cope with blood cancer or leukemia that maybe some of you are experiencing this illness. For that reading always, give Opera-health articles for you, so you can overcome your illness.
Let's look at an article from Reading Always carefully on this night.

How to overcome or cure leukemia or blood cancer? to deal with blood cancer or leukemia has been present herbal blood cancer or leukemia is safe and natural and without side effects with herbal medicine xamthone plus, why should xamthone plus (Mangosteen juice)? read the full article

According to Drs. Berna Elya: Researchers from the Department of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia

Mangosteen efficacious for health and Beauty

Mangosteen (Queen of fruits) is a nutritious fruit commodity for health and beauty because it has antioxidants that capture free radicals and prevent cell damage that inhibited cell degeneration process. Mangosteen antioxidant found in the skin called Xanthones. Levels are reached 123.97 mg per ml.Khasiat Xanthones not only antioxidants, but also anticancer.

Mangosteen peel extract which is antiproliferasi to inhibit cancer cell growth. In addition it extracts it is also the destroyer of apoptosis of cancer cells. Xanthones are able to treat some types of cancer such as liver cancer, gastrointestinal, lung, etc.. Xanthones in mangosteen peel too powerful to overcome the disease Tuberculosis (TB), asthma, leukemia, inflammatory and antidiarrheal. Other benefits mangosteen as antifungal and antibacterial cause jerawat.Untuk bookings click how to order

Shroud of secrecy over the efficacy of this exotic fruit benefits unfolding, but unfortunately in the land of their ancestors Indonesia, the mangosteen has not been utilized. Not only meat that the mangosteen fruit is rich in vitamin C-66 mg, but also multi khasiat.Antikanker nan skin, antioxidants, potent coronary heart overcome and cope with HIV, all this is only a fraction of the benefits of mangosteen skin that fill the trash can. In the jungle there are still many commodities remain a mystery, and this mystery would soon parted?

According to Drs. Ir. warid Qosim Ali, MS (Lecturer Department of Agriculture and Cultivation Division TTG Expert Team Community Service Agency (LPM) Padjadjaran University in Bandung.

Skin Mangosteen Fruit As Anti Oxidant

THERE is one phrase that is often encountered in the community, "black Let the mangosteen fruit." The phrase is used to assess something not seen from the outside, but look at content. So also to assess the fruit, do not see the skin of the mangosteen fruit is dark brown, but the flesh is white, fine-textured, and the taste is sweet sour mix, giving rise to a sense of distinctive and fresh.

The fruit called Garcinia mangostana L. Latin These include family Guttiferae and is the best species of the genus Garcinia. Exotic fruit mangosteen including the highly favored by consumers, both at home and abroad, because it tastes delicious, beautiful fruit shape, and texture of fine white flesh fruit. Not infrequently, if mangosteen earned the nickname Queen of tropical fruit (Tropical Fruits queen).

In general, people use the plant because the mangosteen fruit is refreshing and saccharose containing sugar, dextrose, and levulose. The composition of the fruit are eaten include 79.2 grams per 100 grams of water, 0.5 grams protein, 19.8 grams carbohydrates, 0.3 grams fiber, 11 mg calcium, 17 mg phosphorus, 0.9 mg iron, 14 IU vitamin A, 66 mg vitamin C, vitamin B (thiamine) 0.09 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0.06 mg, and vitamin B5 (niacin) 0.1 mg. Most of the mangosteen fruit is consumed in fresh condition, because the processed awetannya less favored by the people.

In addition to fruit, mangosteen rind is also used as natural dyes and raw materials of medicines. Rind Xanthones containing compounds that include Mangostin, mangostenol, mangostinon A, mangostenon B, trapezifolixanthone, tovophyllin B, Mangostin alpha, beta Mangostin, garcinon B, mangostanol, flavonoid epicatechin, and gartanin. This compound is highly beneficial to health. Xanthones are compounds produced only from the genus Garcinia. Overseas mangosteen rind has been made capsules are used to supplement the diet, antioxidant, and anticancer.

The results showed that extracts of mangosteen have activity against skin cancer cells including breast, liver, and leukemia. In addition, also used for antihistamine, antiimpflamasi, suppress the central nervous system, and blood pressure, as well as anti-inflammatories. Rind also contain anthocyanins such as cyanidin-3-sophoroside, and cyanidin-3-glucoside.

These compounds play an important role in skin coloration mangosteen. Skin of the fruit contain pectin compounds, tannins, and resins are used for tanning leather and as a black coloring agent for food and textile industries, while and yellow sap used as raw materials of paint and insektisida.Efek biology & pharmacology mangosteen rind decoction has antidiarrheal effect. Young mangosteen fruit has an effect speriniostatik and spermicides. Extract (n-hexane and ethanol) mangosteen has a certain level of toxicity in the use of test methods Schrimp Brine Test (BST). From the results of the study reported that alpha Mangostin (1,3,6-trihydroxy-7-methoxy-2 ,8-bis (3metil-2-butenyl)-9H-Xanten-9-on) the isolation of the skin of the mangosteen fruit have anti-inflammatory activity and antioxidants.

From the results of pharmacological and biochemical studies it is known that alpha Mangostin competitively inhibit not only histamine H receptors, mediators of muscle contraction but also epiramin software that builds the H1 receptors on muscle cells intact soft.

Mangostin is a new type of histamine. The toxicity of young leaf extracts of pregnant mice with doses of 500, 1000, and 1500 mg / kg showed an effect on the fetus in the form of weight loss, bleeding in the fetus, and fetal liver tissue changes such as necrosis of liver cells, but not Thrombin development and abortion. Leaf extract of mangosteen with various doses can reduce the number of spermatids cells, the addition of the number of abnormal spermatozoa, and the slow forward movement of spermatozoa of mice.

Fruit skin extracts are soluble in petroleum ether was found two alkaloid compounds. Bark, fruit peel, and dried latex of Garcinia mangostana contain a yellow dye derived from the two metabolites of alpha-Mangostin and successful Mangostin diisolas i. Mangostin Mangostin is the main component while the minor constituents. Found a new metabolite of 1,3,6,7-tetrahidroksi-2 0.8-in (3-methyl-2butenil) xanton named a-mangostanin of Garcinia mangostana rind.

Mangosteen fruit is used to treat diarrhea, tonsillitis, vaginal discharge, dysentery, hemorrhoids, sores / ulcers. In addition, the sputum is used as a laxative and for toothache. Mangosteen rind is used to treat thrush, dysentery, sore muscles, constipation. Bark used to treat abdominal pain. Roots to overcome the irregular menstruation. In terms of flavor, the mangosteen fruit has good potential to make juice. 
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